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How to become a (SaaS) VP of Sales

Lots of lawyer friends ask me about getting into (Legal)Tech– and what the career trajectory looks like. I’m currently a VP of Sales (CRO) for a tech company in the Bay Area. Here’s one path… Behind every great SaaS success story, there’s a great VP of Sales. From Jim Herbold (formely Box) to Sam Blond (Zenefits), we read daily… Read more »

The Lawyer Who Became the King of SaaS

From lawyer to tech start-up guru, and the undeniable thought leader for the SaaS movement in Silicon Valley, Jason Lemkin continues to build a following of founders, CEO’s and sales execs through his blog SaaStr. With the support of Storm Ventures, Jason recently wrapped up his first major event, SaaStr Annual, where 2,000 founders and execs met in San… Read more »

Employment Law Compliance: Without the Right Technology, It’s Possible to Get it Wrong

Settling for an average of $4.6 million per instance, wage-and-hour class action suits increased fourfold in frequency from 1993 to 2012, reports the Society of Human Resource Management. The financial hit usually exceeds the cost of just getting overtime, meals and rest periods, minimum wage, or an array of other variables correct, from the start. Yet employers… Read more »

Can the legal profession fit into the subscription economy?

The Billable Hour v. Subscription Economy Who ya got? While we’re all debating whether the legal industry will experience or has experienced a “disruption”, there’s a parallel question that’s of much greater interest to me. The definition of the billable hour, whether in law or massage therapy, is value delivered in measurable and monetizable quantities. One… Read more »