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Ease Your Workload by Appointing Technology as Your Second Chair in Class-Action Lawsuits

Although hundreds of class-action lawsuits are filed annually, this field of litigation remains a mystery to most practitioners. Moreover, the time, energy, and financial resources required for class-action litigation pose a major barrier for attorneys and law firms that might otherwise be interested in this practice. Growing your practice is the goal, but so is… Read more »

Some LegalTech for the Litigators

Litigation may not be easily disruptable in the Silicon Valley sense of the word (Doc Brown was wrong about 2015), but it most certainly can be optimized. LegalTech startups that are focused on litigation, and more specifically legal process outsourcing (LPO), are nothing new. Pangea3, Mindcrest, LawScribe, are just a few of the more well-known… Read more »