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Ease Your Workload by Appointing Technology as Your Second Chair in Class-Action Lawsuits

Although hundreds of class-action lawsuits are filed annually, this field of litigation remains a mystery to most practitioners. Moreover, the time, energy, and financial resources required for class-action litigation pose a major barrier for attorneys and law firms that might otherwise be interested in this practice. Growing your practice is the goal, but so is… Read more »

Where’s the LegalTech in Mexico?

As a young man studying law, I was far from a techie. I knew the term “operating system”, but wasn’t aware of its applications, other than using my PC for drafting contracts and the internet for reviewing sample templates. Mexican State Universities, such as UNISON (Universidad de Sonora, in Hermosillo) where I earned my degree, don’t introduce students in… Read more »

The Lawyer Who Became the King of SaaS

From lawyer to tech start-up guru, and the undeniable thought leader for the SaaS movement in Silicon Valley, Jason Lemkin continues to build a following of founders, CEO’s and sales execs through his blog SaaStr. With the support of Storm Ventures, Jason recently wrapped up his first major event, SaaStr Annual, where 2,000 founders and execs met in San… Read more »

Lawyers Moonlighting as Entrepreneurs

  So many articles have been written about how lawyers make terrible entrepreneurs. Lawyers are mischaracterized as risk averse, unimaginative and perfectionists to a fault. Most also believe that lawyers lack general business know how. While some of these may have been accurate in the past, lawyers today are entrepreneurial and innovative, mostly out of… Read more »

Time Management for Solo/Small Firms (Fast Read)

For an industry that spends most of its time billing in hourly increments many lawyers are very bad at time management. They know how to bill for the time they spend working on a case, but what about the time that they aren’t spending on a billable hour? Are they using it in their best… Read more »