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How Businesses and Individuals Are Responsible For Securing Personal Data

This is more than just bad passwords. Data security is as all-encompassing as the “Internet of Things,” a phenomenon that makes it harder for you to unplug from the internet. Yet, your data is not as secure as you would hope. Recent cybersecurity trends and legal developments will guide your understanding of what you should be doing with electronic customer data.

Why Data Security Is an HR Initiative

Technology is no longer the special province of programmers and engineers. Nearly every employee at every company relies on technology to do their job and will so increasingly. Human Resources (HR) plays a critical role in helping manage and train this fast changing workforce – especially when it comes to data security.

The First U.N Data Privacy Chief Should Learn From Technology Companies, Not Alienate Them

In an interview with the Guardian, Joseph Cannataci – the first U.N. data privacy chief – said that he doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter and remarked that it is regrettable that so many people unwittingly sign away their digital rights. What’s regrettable, however, is how wrong he is. When the U.N. special rapporteur for dataprivacy frames… Read more »