2016 California Employment Law Update

LawRoom has just released its 2016 California Employment Law Update —a free, self-paced online course available 24/7 that will save you hours of research and provide you with interactive summaries of California’s most important new employment laws and developments for 2016.

As a compliance training provider, including online anti-harassment training that satisfies California’s AB 1825, we have a dedicated legal team that stays abreast of the evolving compliance landscape. Our 2016 California Employment Law Update makes their valuable research available to you for free.

In 2015, Governor Brown signed into law new rules affecting payroll, paid sick leave, retaliation protections, the use of E-Verify as well as amendments to the Fair Pay Act, aimed at reducing the gender-based wage gap.

Most of these new laws took effect January 1, 2016, and your organization is already responsible for complying with them.

LawRoom’s free online course will provide you with an immersive and enjoyable review of these significant legal updates. It analyzes and interprets the new laws clearly and concisely, cutting through the information overload to focus on what you need to know to prepare you and your organization for the year ahead.

The Employment Law Update includes:

  • the key provisions of the new rules for 2016
  • important bills vetoed by Governor Brown
  • selected legal cases from 2015
  • employer survey results from 2015
  • a tally of employment law cases in court, their subjects, and success rates

Download the 2016 California Employment Law Update now to prepare for tomorrow!

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