You shouldn’t be burdened with a student loan…

I had a couple of hours to kill last night and stumbled upon one of my all time favorites on Netflix: The Firm.

This little clip reminded me of how I thought it would be after law school. (See clip below the fold)

You shouldn't be burdened with a student loan.


Law school was without a doubt the best investment I ever made, but I’d be lying if I told you my career has played out the way I expected. I imagined it to be more lockstep, more predictable. And I know that for many it has been– but for others of us there have been more twists in the road. Sometimes those twists were of our own design (as in my case), and others forced by the disruption of the legal industry and failing economy.

In any event, when I saw this clip, it made me laugh. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I’m pretty sure I believed this would happen to me.



Lamar Quinn: By the way, Oliver wanted me to tell you that you shouldn’t be burdened with a student loan.

Mitch McDeere: Excuse me.

Lamar Quinn:: Bring the papers by tomorrow, the firm will repay it for you. 

-The Firm



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