Panda 4.0 Just Doubled My Law Blog Traffic

I’m no SEO, but my law blog traffic just doubled and I knew it was going to happen.

How Did I know? 


An SEO told me.


John O’Connor of JSO Digital overhauled my blog in October of 2013. He told me I was messing up. He told me what he wanted to do to fix the blog (HTML5, content and architecture upgrades), why he wanted to do it, and what could happen to my organic traffic as a result. What John couldn’t tell me was when we’d see the impact.
On May 20th, organic traffic to doubled.

On May 20th, organic traffic to doubled.

So I waited– sometimes impatiently (sorry John). And on May 20th, it happened. My daily organic unique visitors doubled. John delivered.


Will the Traffic Stick?


We won’t know for a few weeks if these numbers will hold, but based on the analysis of the Panda 4.0 update that affected our organic traffic, there’s a very strong correlation between what Google is punishing/rewarding, and the changes John and team made to the site.


What Are the Panda 4.0 Changes?


It’s above my pay grade to summarize the changes. But here’s a few good articles on the topic.
Panda 4.0 impacted 7.5% of English-language queries (Search Engine Land)
Panda 4.0 Winners and Losers (Search Metrics)


Why Did We Make the Change in October?


I maintain this blog as a tool to build and maintain a subject matter specific community (business and legal services). It’s my online footprint and resume. I know that my ability to build a community is contingent upon not only high quality and engaging articles and commentary, but on site optimization that contributes to SERP strength. And that was something that I couldn’t meaningfully influence on my own. Now I know that SEO’s get a bad rap because it can be difficult to measure and track the impact of their work– especially in the short term. But John made a strong case in his initial analysis of my site and its shortcomings, and we committed to making fundamental changes to the site that we knew would made the site better. The big question was when Google would reward those changes.


A big thanks to John and his team.


If you’d like more information about the changes that John made to the site, you can read his comments in this article. I also suspect that John may provide some additional comments to this article as well (John?).


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