A message from Michele Collu: the new Managing Editor at Law Insider

Hello to all the loyal Law Insider readers! A big thanks to Preston for this opportunity. I’m thrilled to be here. In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing and engaging on topics relating to #LegalTech and the business of law. If you’re in the LegalTech field, you can expect to hear from me soon. If you have any suggestions, ideas, critiques, what-have-you, please send me an email or leave a comment. I can be reached at Michele@thelawinsider.com.

To kick things off, let me tell you a little about myself.

This is me. Michele Collu.

This is me. Michele Collu.

I earned my law degree in 2008 from the Università “Commerciale” Luigi Bocconi, School of Law, in Milan (Italy), a relatively small enclave of law students at one of Europe’s most renowned Business Schools. After several years working for top-tier international firms in Milan, I decided to take my legal talents to the US, and enrolled in UC Berkeley’s LL.M. program—where I pursued a specialization in Law and Technology.

After taking the California Bar Exam this summer, I started networking at legal and tech events in the Bay Area looking for work. One event in particular was pivotal for me and led me to this awesome opportunity at Law Insider.

During the opening night of LegalTech Startup Weekend, I was introduced to a number of tech minded attorneys and legal minded programmers– Preston was among them. His experience in LegalTech as a former corporate attorney and current sales executive for a local tech start-up was a unique blend among the group, and we instantly connected. Fast forward a few drinks later, and we were already collaborating on ways we could work together. The most obvious place for us to start was on the Law Insider blog, as Preston knew that I had no shortage of curiosity for what’s been going on recently in the world of LegalTech. In short, this opportunity made a ton of sense for both of us.

Now I’m writing for Law Insider from my small living room in downtown San Francisco where I share a living space with my girlfriend, my cat and a tech start-up (seriously, there’s actually a tech-start up that works in my apartment that I’m not otherwise affiliated with). With so much going on today in LegalTech, I am thrilled to meet with and write about this subset of start-ups, that are bringing innovation to the legal industry (the luddites have been warned!).



So here I am, thrilled to be part of this new focus toward LegalTech at Law Insider. As I said at the top, if you have any suggestions, ideas, critiques, what-have-you, please send me an email or leave a comment. I can be reached at Michele@thelawinsider.com. I’m also on Twitter @mikcollu.


About Michele Collu

Michele Collu joined the Law Insider team as Managing Editor in 2014. Based in San Francisco, Michele is passionate about legal tech and the evolving landscape of the legal profession. Michele received his LL.M. from Berkeley School of Law (Boalt) with a Certificate of Specialization in Law & Technology. He received his J.D. from Università Commerciale ‘Luigi Bocconi’, in Milan, Italy, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.