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Okay readers, it’s time for me to make my annual ask. I need your nomination for the 2014 ABA Blawg 100. The nomination deadline is  August 8th at 5 p.m. ET. I’d really appreciate your support. 

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This blog matters because the business of law is changing and I bring a unique perspective to the conversation. As a former corporate attorney who packed up and joined the tech movement in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m at the front lines of the disruption that legal bloggers write so much about. I’ve worked with legal services pioneers like LegalZoom and RocketLawyer. I get to meet and interview legal tech start ups like ShakeLaw, Casetext,, and MyCase. And perhaps most importantly, I make my living helping to build a company that provides services that fill a gap in traditional legal service offerings (here’s where I work).

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ABA Blawg 100 2014
Sure, I’ll do it, but tell us what’s new first! 

Let me tell you what an incredible 2014 it’s been for this blog:

  • Late last year this blog was completely overhauled for design and SEO. In May of this year, Google launched Panda 4.0 and overnight the traffic to doubled (Article). My fellow bloggers know how hard it is to grow readership– it can take years, and years. So anytime a design change can dramatically increase the number of new readers to the blog, it’s a huge win. Big thanks to attorney and web designer John O’Connor for handling the redesign.
  • In 2014, Google+ became our blog comment platform. This was was important for a couple of reasons. It’s one thing to get people to read your blog, but until you start spurring dialogue with your posts, you simply haven’t succeeded as a blogger. Our comments section has seen exponential growth this year and leveraging the G+ platform has been the primary reason for it. The second reason has to do with the highly engaged Lawyers on G+ community that’s powered by Building this community over the past 18 months to over 6,500 members has been a great tool to drive engagement and discussion for the blog.
  • In April, we reached 5,000 community members at Lawyers on G+ (Article).  I started the community in December of 2012 with no experience in managing a community or any idea if anyone would show up. And boy, have they showed up. Lawyers on G+ has become one of the largest professional communities on G+ and easily the largest lawyer community on G+.
  •, our sister site, is now in full swing (Article)– and ranks on the first page of Google for over 500 unique contract related search terms. The site continues to expand in popularity where it receives over 100 new weekly subscribers.
  • @Lawinsider reached 3,000 followers on Twitter. That may seem low for my early adopter Twitter friends like Nicole Black (@nikiblack) and Sam Glover (@lawyersit), but it took four long years for LI to get there and I appreciate every single one of them.

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Thanks for reading and thanks for your nomination. If you promise to keep reading, I promise to keep rockin’ (read: writing).

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Preston Clark has been writing about legal tech since 2010. He's currently the CRO for a leading legal tech SaaS company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Preston was formerly in-house counsel for the University of Miami and a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central America. In his free time, Preston enjoys building world-class sales teams, reading about SaaS, playing pick-up basketball and planning adventures with his son.