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Where’s the LegalTech in Mexico?

As a young man studying law, I was far from a techie. I knew the term “operating system”, but wasn’t aware of its applications, other than using my PC for drafting contracts and the internet for reviewing sample templates. Mexican State Universities, such as UNISON (Universidad de Sonora, in Hermosillo) where I earned my degree, don’t introduce students in… Read more »

4 tips to reduce legal risks on social media

Innovation and multimedia have pushed companies and their employees in becoming digital geniuses. Companies are now regularly engaging directly with the public on social media, increasing online presence. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are just some of the sites used by businesses granting them access to unlimited connections and contacts. This instant connectivity on social media… Read more »

The Lawyer Who Became the King of SaaS

From lawyer to tech start-up guru, and the undeniable thought leader for the SaaS movement in Silicon Valley, Jason Lemkin continues to build a following of founders, CEO’s and sales execs through his blog SaaStr. With the support of Storm Ventures, Jason recently wrapped up his first major event, SaaStr Annual, where 2,000 founders and execs met in San… Read more »

Lawyers Moonlighting as Entrepreneurs

  So many articles have been written about how lawyers make terrible entrepreneurs. Lawyers are mischaracterized as risk averse, unimaginative and perfectionists to a fault. Most also believe that lawyers lack general business know how. While some of these may have been accurate in the past, lawyers today are entrepreneurial and innovative, mostly out of… Read more »

Thoughts from a Paperless Lawyer (Fast Read)

My office uses plenty of paper.  Consumer bankruptcy, our specialty, requires — at a minimum — a signed forty page petition.  Added to the intake forms, reaffirmation documents, and errata, most of our clients have paper files exceeding 100 pages.  Because all law firms have some documents like these, going paperless simply cannot mean getting… Read more »

How Referral Relationships Will Help Your Firm Prosper

Like many attorneys, you’re probably hesitant to take on prospective clients who bring legal issues outside of your wheelhouse. But by turning away potential cases, you’re doing the individuals — and your firm — a major disservice. You might not know much about animal liability cases, but perhaps you know someone who does. Instead of closing… Read more »

Some LegalTech for the Litigators

Litigation may not be easily disruptable in the Silicon Valley sense of the word (Doc Brown was wrong about 2015), but it most certainly can be optimized. LegalTech startups that are focused on litigation, and more specifically legal process outsourcing (LPO), are nothing new. Pangea3, Mindcrest, LawScribe, are just a few of the more well-known… Read more »

How to Protect Your Knowledge and Competitive Advantage With Emerging Technology

How to Protect Your Tech Innovations in Emerging Markets: a Primer With the tech boom turning whiz kids into billionaires, it’s more important than ever to put your stamp on your ideas for emerging technology. As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg showed us, just because you invented it doesn’t mean you own it. So how do you protect… Read more »