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The Need For .Attorney & .Lawyer Domains

Attorney marketing has changed more in the last twenty-five years then it had in the previous four hundred. Law firms were rolling along with the phone book, billboards, and radio advertisements right up until the internet snuck along (well maybe it didn’t really sneak). Not only did the web change things, it changed the methods… Read more »

Lex Machina: a LegalTech Model for Success

In tech, it’s common for “cool” consumer facing products to get all the attention (look, drones!). LegalTech is no exception. Some of the most exciting LegalTech startups out there are indeed consumer facing (examples here and here). But while the masses are easily distracted by the “cool” of B2C, the more business minded among us, should take a hard look at the success of B2B LegalTech start-ups like Lex Machina.

LegalTech Interview: Christina Gagnier

Christina Gagnier leads the Intellectual Property, Internet & Technology practice at Gagnier Margossian LLP, with a specialization in social media, copyright and information privacy. Gagnier serves as the Chief Executive Officer of TRAIL, managing platforms like JobScout and HealthScout. She also blogs in the Technology section of The Huffington Post, and serves as the host… Read more »

The Lawpreneur Power List

  It’s no surprise that many of the emerging LegalTech companies out there were founded by lawyers. Long criticized as luddites, a new era of legally minded entrepreneurs have emerged. Thanks to Joshua Kubicki, a dynamic list of lawyers turned LegalTech entrepreneurs is now available on Listly. See any names missing? Add them to the list here.   h/t Eva… Read more »

LegalTech Call for Articles

Law Insider wants your LegalTech articles… and we want them now!  With the holiday season fast approaching, we know that you’re going to have some much needed downtime. But if you’re anything like us, after about 24 hours of downtime your creative juices will kick-in and you’ll be ready to start writing. So let us… Read more »

Law Insider is Getting a New Managing Editor

The day is finally here, folks. Law Insider is getting its very own Managing Editor. I’ve been fighting the good fight alone for the past 4 years on this blog, and today I’m excited to announce the new addition to the team: Michele Collu (pronounced Mikay-lay). Michele received his LL.M. from Berkeley and holds a J.D. from Università “Commerciale” Luigi… Read more »

Tracking Employees with GPS: Privacy vs. Productivity

Immediacy, convenience, accuracy—these are characteristics of GPS technology that make it attractive to employers for the purposes of tracking employees: Bosses like having a way of knowing where an employee is. Much of this has to do with the need for productivity—seeing who is and isn’t performing commensurately with their pay and making decisions to… Read more »