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How Foxwordy Became a Top Social Network for Lawyers

On Ally McBeal, they did it in a unisex bathroom. On Law & Order, they often did it behind closed doors in wood-paneled offices with Manhattan views. Back in the day on LA Law they did it while walking to court. In real life, lawyers usually confer with their colleagues by grabbing a colleague, walking down the hall or… Read more »

Lawyers, Ethics and Cloud Services

A lawyer is legally obligated to maintaining the confidentiality of his client’s information. Today, more and more lawyers are using the Internet in their day-to-day functioning. They may use cloud services to save data. And as this practice grows, so does the risk of making the client’s confidential information vulnerable to vested interests. For the… Read more »

Technology Tips For Lawyers From ABA Techshow

These days, the 21st century law firm has more options than ever. Technology such as cloud computing and online research platforms, have changed the practice of law. The days of being chained to your desktop computer, with all-important information located only on premises, are long gone. Instead of relying on costly premise-based software, innovative solo… Read more »

A very big day for LegalTech

There were two great-big announcements today in the world of LegalTech. In case you missed it, here’s the news: 1. UpCounsel, a marketplace for legal services, has pulled in $10 million in new funding to provide small businesses with attorneys at a fraction of the cost of a big law firm. [Full Article Here] 2. Just two weeks… Read more »

LegalTech Interview: Docket Alarm

This week we had the opportunity to interview Docket Alarm founder and CEO, Michael Sander. Docket Alarm recently received Legaltech News’ 2015 Innovations Award for Best Legal Research Product, so we figured it was about time we took a look under the hood. LI: In your own words, what does your product do and what problem… Read more »

How to become a (SaaS) VP of Sales

Lots of lawyer friends ask me about getting into (Legal)Tech– and what the career trajectory looks like. I’m currently a VP of Sales (CRO) for a tech company in the Bay Area. Here’s one path… Behind every great SaaS success story, there’s a great VP of Sales. From Jim Herbold (formely Box) to Sam Blond (Zenefits), we read daily… Read more »

Where’s the LegalTech in Mexico?

As a young man studying law, I was far from a techie. I knew the term “operating system”, but wasn’t aware of its applications, other than using my PC for drafting contracts and the internet for reviewing sample templates. Mexican State Universities, such as UNISON (Universidad de Sonora, in Hermosillo) where I earned my degree, don’t introduce students in… Read more »