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Ease Your Workload by Appointing Technology as Your Second Chair in Class-Action Lawsuits

Although hundreds of class-action lawsuits are filed annually, this field of litigation remains a mystery to most practitioners. Moreover, the time, energy, and financial resources required for class-action litigation pose a major barrier for attorneys and law firms that might otherwise be interested in this practice. Growing your practice is the goal, but so is… Read more »

4 Things General Counsel Need to Know

General Counsel continue to face new challenges. Fears of cyberattacks and data privacy breaches continue to escalate; Dodd-Frank amendments continue to leave an expansive wake. As the environment in which General Counsel operate continues to shift and evolve, here are four things they should look out for in the coming months: 1. The Dark Cloud… Read more »

Time Management for Solo/Small Firms (Fast Read)

For an industry that spends most of its time billing in hourly increments many lawyers are very bad at time management. They know how to bill for the time they spend working on a case, but what about the time that they aren’t spending on a billable hour? Are they using it in their best… Read more »

Thoughts from a Paperless Lawyer (Fast Read)

My office uses plenty of paper.  Consumer bankruptcy, our specialty, requires — at a minimum — a signed forty page petition.  Added to the intake forms, reaffirmation documents, and errata, most of our clients have paper files exceeding 100 pages.  Because all law firms have some documents like these, going paperless simply cannot mean getting… Read more »

How Referral Relationships Will Help Your Firm Prosper

Like many attorneys, you’re probably hesitant to take on prospective clients who bring legal issues outside of your wheelhouse. But by turning away potential cases, you’re doing the individuals — and your firm — a major disservice. You might not know much about animal liability cases, but perhaps you know someone who does. Instead of closing… Read more »

Practical Advice for Young Lawyers

Most lawyers who took the bar in July were sworn in over the past couple of months, many more are graduating this month, and will take the bar soon. The odds are that many of these lawyers are going to end up in a solo or small practice, so I thought I would pass on… Read more »