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“Everybody does it”: Ex-Thomas Jefferson Career Services Director Admits to Padding Grad Employment Stats

  By Mark Hansen ABA Journal – A former assistant career services director at Thomas Jefferson School of Law has admitted to padding the school’s 2006 graduate employment data to include unemployed graduates who had been employed at any time since graduation. Karen Grant, who held the job for one year in 2006 and 2007, says… Read more »

Going Solo Rebuttal Contd…

CONTD…. This is precisely where Helen’s advice falls on its face; to go solo thinking that you’ll be able to transition to a large firm in a couple of years is a serious mistake. That type of jump is virtually impossible. In today’s uber-competitive job market, employers aren’t likely to hire someone that needs to… Read more »

10 Ways to Nail a Law Firm Interview

by Jennifer Paul Law firm interviews are a breed of their own. For the most part, your interviewers just want to know if you’re personable, able to engage in intelligent conversation and easy to get along with. They want to be confident in their decision to choose you as a representative of the firm and… Read more »

#TwitterPoll: If You Can’t Get the Job You Want Right Out of Law School, Should You Go Solo?  

TLI Interview: Jordan Parker, Esq.

By Preston Clark Over the past few months, has interviewed a number of attorneys who have left the legal profession in search of greener pastures in sports, art and business. But today we’re featuring a lawyer who is taking her talents back to the legal profession—where she has some unfinished business in the world… Read more »

ESPN: Penn State Forks Out $4 Million in Legal Fees

ESPN.COM. — Penn State’s costs for legal fees, consultants and public relations firms hired to help deal with the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal have reached nearly $17 million. The university said it has spent almost $16.8 million through June 30. Nearly $10 million of that went to seven firms for what Penn State… Read more »

5 Reasons to Not Use “IRAC” on Your Bar Exam Essays

By Jackson Mumey 5 Reasons to Not Use “IRAC” on Your Bar Exam Essays Issue / Rule / Application / Conclusion (“IRAC”) has been the gold standard in law school exam writing since the late 1800’s. While you may still need to use this tired template for your law school exams, it is decidedly outdated… Read more »

TLI Interview: Taylor Grey Meyer and the Counter-Offer Heard ‘Round the World

By Preston Clark By now, you’ve probably heard of Taylor Grey Meyer, the former law student who applied roughly 30 times to work for the San Diego Padres. posted a letter last week that Meyer sent to the Padres that contained, among other scathing remarks, the now infamous “I would like to extend you a… Read more »