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Law School: Study Advice from US Memory Champion

By Preston Clark I know what law profs say, law school isn’t about memorization. It’s understanding, comprehension, reasoning. Right. But at some point along the way there’s an abundance of specific information that needs to be set to memory (and let’s not forget the bar exam). And to that end, TheLawInsider caught up with Nelson… Read more »

TLI: Top Stories of the Week

Our top stories of the week are here, in case you missed them. I also want to let you know that we have a new LinkedIn Group that just launched. Join the conversation. Here it is! Top Stories of the Week:   Defending the cost of law school. (Article Link) For Lawyers: Washington/Oregon legalize recreational use of marijuana (Article… Read more »

Defending the Cost of Law School

By Preston Clark The Washington Post published an article last week on the ongoing debate over the cost of law school. If you’re familiar with the debate, and I suspect that you are, the Post didn’t add anything new to it. They did, however, invite some new perspectives. Namely, we get to watch Erwin Chemerinsky,… Read more »

Law School Diary: Class Participation

UPDATED: Why isn’t this video here? Find out why here. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [adsenseyu1] MORE LAW SCHOOL DIARY>>>>>>> [adsenseyu2]

#LawSchoolDiary: Networking in Law School

UPDATED: Why isn’t this video here? Find out why here. [youtube][/youtube] As a new feature under the LawSchool tab at, we will be posting the #LawSchoolDiary series by Shawn Burgess. We’ll be posting them everyday until we catch up to Shawn’s latest Vlog– and then we’ll post them as often as she does. If this is… Read more »

Law School Diary: Shawn Burgess and the Vlog

By Preston Clark  Shawn Burgess has been steadily building her online following since her second year of law school at UC Hastings early last year (2011). But her online weapon of choice isn’t a blog (gasp!). As she confesses, Shawn intended to write a blog about law school but adding extra writing to an already grueling academic schedule seemed… Read more »