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3 Reasons Attorneys Should Embrace Their Machine Competitors

  Technological developments hit every industry eventually, and the time has come for the legal profession. The accessibility of online legal tools that offer assistance in drafting simple legal documents, such as LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer, makes these resources the next big thing. Some lawyers resent the arrival of these platforms, feeling they’re undermining the value that lawyers provide their… Read more »

Reciprocity and the Future of the Florida Bar

In July 2015, the newly elected President of the Florida Bar, Ramon Abadin created a firestorm of controversy with a proposal to allow attorneys from other states to practice law in Florida without the requirement of passing the State’s Bar Exam. Reaction to Abadin’s proposal was swift – and ferocious – from the state’s more… Read more »

A Chart Summarizing the New York Bar Exam Changes

What’s new with the New York Bar Exam in 2016? Big changes are coming to the New York Bar Exam beginning in July 2016. As you may know, the NY Bar has decided to adopt the Uniform Bar Exam (“UBE”) to replace the current NY Exam format. What’s Changing? To help you prepare for the… Read more »

The Lawyer Who Became the King of SaaS

From lawyer to tech start-up guru, and the undeniable thought leader for the SaaS movement in Silicon Valley, Jason Lemkin continues to build a following of founders, CEO’s and sales execs through his blog SaaStr. With the support of Storm Ventures, Jason recently wrapped up his first major event, SaaStr Annual, where 2,000 founders and execs met in San… Read more »

Lawyers Moonlighting as Entrepreneurs

  So many articles have been written about how lawyers make terrible entrepreneurs. Lawyers are mischaracterized as risk averse, unimaginative and perfectionists to a fault. Most also believe that lawyers lack general business know how. While some of these may have been accurate in the past, lawyers today are entrepreneurial and innovative, mostly out of… Read more »

What would Donald Trump do? (WWDTD)

I don’t think anyone really likes Donald Trump (DT). I feel like that’s kind of his shtick. Relentless; unapologetic. He will run you over if you’re standing in between him and his goal. And while you might not like DT on a personal level, in a game of business-pick-up basketball, I bet you’d pick him first… Read more »