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Noblesse oblige? Maybe not.

Via Twitter, I caught up today with Angela Kopolovich, an Orange County based attorney recruiter, while she was drafting a new article for her blog. The topic? Ridiculous Craigslist job postings for attorneys. If these C-list postings are any indicator of the state of our profession, things are not looking good. Thanks to Angela for… Read more »


Another just for fun “Ken” feature. Enjoy. -Preston By Kenney Myers 10 FAMOUS CRIME FIGHTERS NAMED KEN The problem with trying to find crime fighters named Ken is that they, by their very nature, tend to be extremely protective of their true identity. However, as is the case with every great crime fighter, the super… Read more »

Technology Expert Witnesses in the Trayvon Martin case

By Stephen Gomez As jury selection and pre-trial hearings continue in the George Zimmerman trial for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, one particular element is still to be determined with regards to expert witnesses. In released 911 calls, voices and screams can be heard in the background, with some parties stating that the words “I’m begging… Read more »

Supreme Court Denies Patent for Human Genes

In a unanimous ruling on June 13, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court held that human genes are not patentable…or at least not natural human genes.  Although all nine Justices said that naturally occurring isolated biological material is patentable, their ruling was still a compromise by allowing for the possibility of a patent on the synthetic… Read more »

Health and Safety Law Reforms

Under the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act, the law relating to accidents at work has fundamentally changed. Strict liability has now been removed for employers, meaning that they will not be held accountable for accidents or injuries unless there is evidence that they have been negligent. Andy MacDonald, MP for Middlesbrough, has claimed that the… Read more »

Three New Features for

  As you know, we recently launched And in the two short weeks since our launch, thousands of legal professionals, business owners and analysts have used our contract database. In the process, we’ve received great feedback and suggestions on how to improve the website. Three new features at are going live today in response… Read more »