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Darkening Doorway Pages in the Legal SERPs

Google recently announced an impending algorithm update that seeks to minimize the impact of “doorway pages” in search results. Will your firm’s website be affected? Here’s what you need to know. Defining a doorway page First, Google’s definition of doorway pages is far from clear. I believe most SEOs writing about the update are falling short… Read more »

LegalTech Call for Articles

Law Insider wants your LegalTech articles… and we want them now!  With the holiday season fast approaching, we know that you’re going to have some much needed downtime. But if you’re anything like us, after about 24 hours of downtime your creative juices will kick-in and you’ll be ready to start writing. So let us… Read more »

Tracking Employees with GPS: Privacy vs. Productivity

Immediacy, convenience, accuracy—these are characteristics of GPS technology that make it attractive to employers for the purposes of tracking employees: Bosses like having a way of knowing where an employee is. Much of this has to do with the need for productivity—seeing who is and isn’t performing commensurately with their pay and making decisions to… Read more »

What is Legal Tech?

The phrase legal tech is nothing new. It refers to legal technology/software that helps law firms with such things as practice management, document storage, billing, accounting and e-discovery. If you Google legal tech, “The LegalTech Trade Show” pops up, an event put on by ALM several times a year to introduce lawyers to new technology.

Jay Bilas on the Value of Law School

By Preston Clark An Interview with Jay Bilas, Esq. So it turns out that Jay Bilas, the Jay Bilas, basketball analyst, ESPN commentator, and former Duke hoops standout, also happens to be a licensed attorney and Of Counsel at Moore & Van Allen, PLLC in Charlotte, N.C. It also turns out that Jay Bilas is… Read more »

No one tells beginners about the “gap”

I don’t typically post videos, but this short is worth a watch. It’s a two minute video by Ira Glass. He discusses a concept called the “gap” which many of us have faced at one time or another in our careers. It’s great perspective for entrepreneurs or anyone just getting started in a new field… Read more »

UPDATED: The Pitches from #LegalTechSW (#CloudL Wins)

Full Disclosure: I only made it to the first day of #LegalTechSW, but tuned into Twitter (#LegalTechSW) thereafter. Here’s a recap of today’s pitches, in the order they presented ======================== (UPDATED 4:13PM: Winner is #CloudL) #legaltechsw and the first price goes to #CloudL Congrats! — Pieter Gunst (@DigitalLawyer) August 17, 2014 ============================================== The room is… Read more »