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How to Deliver a Closing Argument presents: How to Deliver a Closing Argument, featuring Chris Lomax. We put together a widely popular mock trial video a few years ago. It’s available in its entirety through Click Here. The video features Chris Lomax, then a recently graduated law student and international award winning mock trial competitor. Here for your viewing… Read more »

TLI Interview: Taylor Grey Meyer and the Counter-Offer Heard ‘Round the World

By Preston Clark By now, you’ve probably heard of Taylor Grey Meyer, the former law student who applied roughly 30 times to work for the San Diego Padres. posted a letter last week that Meyer sent to the Padres that contained, among other scathing remarks, the now infamous “I would like to extend you a… Read more »

NCAA Ruling on Penn State “worse than the death penalty”

ESPN.COM— The NCAA has hit Penn State with a $60 million sanction, a four-year football postseason ban and a vacation of all wins dating to 1998, the organization said Monday morning. The career record of Joe Paterno will reflect these vacated records, the NCAA said. Penn State must also reduce 10 initial and 20 total… Read more »

100 Kids Break into a Mansion, Throw a Party, Steal a Picasso, Novato, Calif. A Pablo Picasso lithograph was among several high-priced items lifted from a vacant California mansion where 100 teens broke in and threw a party, police said. The illegal party was thrown May 27 at a Novato, Calif., mansion owned by former Ukranian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko. The next day, a caretaker noticed laptop… Read more »

TLI Interviews Nicole Black of MyCaseInc. recently caught up with Nicole Black, the VP of Business Development at MyCaseInc. A well-known legal technology author, speaker, columnist, and widely regarded for her advocacy of cloud computing and social media in the legal profession, Nicole brings a wealth of perspective to a rapidly changing legal landscape. Be sure to follow her on… Read more »

How to Decide on the Right Law School

By Preston Clark So you still want to be a lawyer, huh? Well, don’t say we didn’t we try to talk you out of it– but if you’re dead set on making it happen, check out The Law Insider’s Top 5 List of Things to Consider When Deciding on the Right Law School. Here we go! #1:… Read more »

Oscar Nomination for Documentary: Undefeated

A good high school friend of mine, TJ Martin, along with co-director Daniel Lindsay, were just nominated for an Oscar. I tried to come up with a great take on the film– like the contractual implications surrounding its purchase by Weinstein Co. or some law related theme embedded into the story. But alas, I’m… Read more »