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How to Pass the Florida Bar Exam

  Don’t worry. I did not author this article! Instead, I asked my good friend and Florida bar guru, Jackson Mumey, of Celebration Bar Review, to provide some insights into passing the Florida Bar Exam. Full disclosure: I used Jackson’s program to pass the Florida Bar in 2008 and it was sensational. And by sensational,… Read more »

Google Authorship for Lawyers

Anything Else I Should Know? Yes, I’m glad you asked. Achieving Author Rank status and having your G+ picture follow you around is really cool but it’s not achieved simply by following the installation instructions in the infographic. Before achieving your Authorship “badge,” Google will need to determine that you’ve produced enough high quality content…. Read more »

Google Author Rank for Lawyers

demand letter template

Google Author Rank for Lawyers (page 2 of 3) The Basics Now that I have your attention, the real question is how do we get YOUR picture or your employees picture to appear in Google searches? First things first, you have to have a Google+ account. If you have a Gmail account (Google’s Free eMail… Read more »

Google Plus for Lawyers

(Pages 1 of 3) Google Plus has my full attention. If you manage a law blog or contribute to one, it needs to get your attention, too. And if you don’t blog, this is a really good reason to start. For the unversed lawyer, Google+ is Google’s social networking platform that was launched in the summer… Read more »


More Sample Contracts Available Here (free)>> Joe Owe 75 Debt Lane Pittsburgh, PA 15216 (412) 555-2176 21 June 2010 Dear Mr. Owe: In June of 2009 I painted your home for a contract price of $10,000. While you made the first two of the contract payments as agreed, you have refused to make the… Read more »

Twitter Poll: What’s the First Hire a Solo Practitioner Should Make?

In our new series titled, TLI Twitter Poll (very clever name, we know), we ask our law minded Twitter followers a short question relating to the practice of law. Last week, took to Twitter (@lawinsider) to ask our followers this important question. What’s the First Hire a Solo Practitioner Should Make? Here are a few… Read more »

The Lawyer as Entrepreneur: Advice on Starting Your Own Law Firm

By Preston Clark For an attorney, the decision to go solo is never an easy one. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the legal profession or a brand new JD, you will face many of the same challenges when starting a law firm. Traditional legal education does not teach attorneys to be entrepreneurs—and let’s face… Read more »

TLI Interview: Jordan Parker, Esq.

By Preston Clark Over the past few months, has interviewed a number of attorneys who have left the legal profession in search of greener pastures in sports, art and business. But today we’re featuring a lawyer who is taking her talents back to the legal profession—where she has some unfinished business in the world… Read more »

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Legal Blogs (Blawgs) 2012

By Preston Clark “A blog is never done…” -The Law Insider I started blogging in 2008. As a lawyer, with no web programming skills, it was really cool to design and publish a site on my own. My first website was and I used a blogging platform called Squarespace to build and publish it. A… Read more »