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SF LegalTech Brunch

Very unofficially dubbed as the Lawyer Liberation Army Brunch, some of the great minds in LegalTech gathered this morning for brunch, coffee and conversation at the Crepe House in the Mission District in San Francisco. A huge shout out to Eva Hibnick of One400 for organizing this awesome event. Rockstar LegalTech attendees included: Richard Downe, VP of… Read more »

Law Insider is Getting a New Managing Editor

The day is finally here, folks. Law Insider is getting its very own Managing Editor. I’ve been fighting the good fight alone for the past 4 years on this blog, and today I’m excited to announce the new addition to the team: Michele Collu (pronounced Mikay-lay). Michele received his LL.M. from Berkeley and holds a J.D. from Università “Commerciale” Luigi… Read more »

What would Donald Trump do? (WWDTD)

I don’t think anyone really likes Donald Trump (DT). I feel like that’s kind of his shtick. Relentless; unapologetic. He will run you over if you’re standing in between him and his goal. And while you might not like DT on a personal level, in a game of business-pick-up basketball, I bet you’d pick him first… Read more »

Let me ask you a question: art of the survey

We always talk about online engagement, comments, email open rates, click-through, time on page, bounce rate, etc. in the context of content marketing. But we don’t ever really talk about the other side of engagement– we never talk about asking great questions to our readers. IMHO, asking (good) questions is one of the best ways to learn about your audience, discover what’s broken and drive engagement.

Jay Bilas on the Value of Law School

By Preston Clark An Interview with Jay Bilas, Esq. So it turns out that Jay Bilas, the Jay Bilas, basketball analyst, ESPN commentator, and former Duke hoops standout, also happens to be a licensed attorney and Of Counsel at Moore & Van Allen, PLLC in Charlotte, N.C. It also turns out that Jay Bilas is… Read more »

The Lawyer as Sports Writer

As the end of summer arrives and the buzz of football season begins, I thought I’d dust off this interview from last year. Go Seahawks! This interview was originally published February 12, 2013.  Over the past year, I’ve written a series of articles featuring lawyers who found success outside the legal profession– or at least outside the traditional… Read more »

No one tells beginners about the “gap”

I don’t typically post videos, but this short is worth a watch. It’s a two minute video by Ira Glass. He discusses a concept called the “gap” which many of us have faced at one time or another in our careers. It’s great perspective for entrepreneurs or anyone just getting started in a new field… Read more »

UPDATED: The Pitches from #LegalTechSW (#CloudL Wins)

Full Disclosure: I only made it to the first day of #LegalTechSW, but tuned into Twitter (#LegalTechSW) thereafter. Here’s a recap of today’s pitches, in the order they presented ======================== (UPDATED 4:13PM: Winner is #CloudL) #legaltechsw and the first price goes to #CloudL Congrats! — Pieter Gunst (@DigitalLawyer) August 17, 2014 ============================================== The room is… Read more »