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Working to Connect Attorney Mentors and Mentees Online

Nobody would say law school is easy, but as many graduates quickly learn, the hardest lessons often come after earning their degree — when they step out to experience the real world. In this sink-or-swim environment, there’s no substitute for a good mentor — a veteran attorney who’s been there, done that, and can offer… Read more »

A very big day for LegalTech

There were two great-big announcements today in the world of LegalTech. In case you missed it, here’s the news: 1. UpCounsel, a marketplace for legal services, has pulled in $10 million in new funding to provide small businesses with attorneys at a fraction of the cost of a big law firm. [Full Article Here] 2. Just two weeks… Read more »

LegalTech Interview: Docket Alarm

This week we had the opportunity to interview Docket Alarm founder and CEO, Michael Sander. Docket Alarm recently received Legaltech News’ 2015 Innovations Award for Best Legal Research Product, so we figured it was about time we took a look under the hood. LI: In your own words, what does your product do and what problem… Read more »

How to become a (SaaS) VP of Sales

Lots of lawyer friends ask me about getting into (Legal)Tech– and what the career trajectory looks like. I’m currently a VP of Sales (CRO) for a tech company in the Bay Area. Here’s one path… Behind every great SaaS success story, there’s a great VP of Sales. From Jim Herbold (formely Box) to Sam Blond (Zenefits), we read daily… Read more »

The Lawyer Who Became the King of SaaS

From lawyer to tech start-up guru, and the undeniable thought leader for the SaaS movement in Silicon Valley, Jason Lemkin continues to build a following of founders, CEO’s and sales execs through his blog SaaStr. With the support of Storm Ventures, Jason recently wrapped up his first major event, SaaStr Annual, where 2,000 founders and execs met in San… Read more »

Something New: Lawyers on G+ Guest Moderator Program

According to, our Lawyers on G+ Community will reach 10,000 members in a few weeks. Despite the rumors of its demise, G+ has been on a consistent growth trajectory for us for the past two years. We are averaging +/-20 new members a day– and hold the honor of being the largest G+ community for lawyers…. Read more »