5 Reasons Data Security Training Should Matter to CTOs

In 2014 alone, over 348 million identities were exposed through data breaches. On average, a data breach costs an organization $6.5 million dollars, up 11% from last year. In many companies, the responsibility for responding to this threat belongs to the Chief Technology Officer or Chief Security Officer — as it should. An unintended consequence of this arrangement,… Read more »

2016 California Employment Law Update

LawRoom has just released its 2016 California Employment Law Update —a free, self-paced online course available 24/7 that will save you hours of research and provide you with interactive summaries of California’s most important new employment laws and developments for 2016. As a compliance training provider, including online anti-harassment training that satisfies California’s AB 1825, we have a dedicated legal… Read more »

How Businesses and Individuals Are Responsible For Securing Personal Data

This is more than just bad passwords. Data security is as all-encompassing as the “Internet of Things,” a phenomenon that makes it harder for you to unplug from the internet. Yet, your data is not as secure as you would hope. Recent cybersecurity trends and legal developments will guide your understanding of what you should be doing with electronic customer data.

Good Ethics Are Good for Business

A 2015 Gallup poll found business executives at the bottom of professions when it comes to people’s perception of workplace ethics. They have company: just below them are lobbyists, telemarketers, and members of Congress.

Why Data Security Is an HR Initiative

Technology is no longer the special province of programmers and engineers. Nearly every employee at every company relies on technology to do their job and will so increasingly. Human Resources (HR) plays a critical role in helping manage and train this fast changing workforce – especially when it comes to data security.

3 Predictions for Data Security and Higher Ed in 2016

In tomorrow’s college classroom, data security training will sit front and center. Technology is reinventing education, and schools are producing unprecedented amounts of data to teach and manage their students, staff, and faculty. Technology is already helping schools control costs, improve student retention, and personalize learning. We can expect these trends to continue, especially as flipped classrooms and blended and online learning continue their rapid spread…. Read more »

Get Out of Your Own Head and Start Your Firm Like a Boss

People don’t like lawyers. I don’t blame them. Not only are we the cosmic killjoy of society but we’re pragmatic, logical, and boring. We don’t take risks and we hate uncertainty. But these are not traits that society rewards. Today’s entrepreneurship is all about taking risk and having an attitude that says “I know what… Read more »

Working to Connect Attorney Mentors and Mentees Online

Working to Connect Attorney Mentors and Mentees Online

Nobody would say law school is easy, but as many graduates quickly learn, the hardest lessons often come after earning their degree — when they step out to experience the real world. In this sink-or-swim environment, there’s no substitute for a good mentor — a veteran attorney who’s been there, done that, and can offer… Read more »

3 Reasons Attorneys Should Embrace Their Machine Competitors

  Technological developments hit every industry eventually, and the time has come for the legal profession. The accessibility of online legal tools that offer assistance in drafting simple legal documents, such as LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer, makes these resources the next big thing. Some lawyers resent the arrival of these platforms, feeling they’re undermining the value that lawyers provide their… Read more »