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Knowing Who Receives Overtime Pay Is about to Get More Complicated

The landmines an employer navigates in scheduling and paying overtime are as many as the regulations covering it. And the outcome of a White House–ordered assessment of overtime rules found in the Fair Labor Standards Act will soon render these regulations even more demanding. President Obama has signed an executive order that “instructs the Secretary… Read more »

When Does a Worker’s Shift End?

For employers with large populations of wage and hourly staff, the question is a gray area masquerading as a black-and-white issue. Throw contract hourly laborers into the mix, and a growing set of potential missteps or pitfalls can leave employers running afoul of employment law in a short period of time. Take the example of… Read more »

Executive Contract Daily

The beauty of running your own blog is getting to make up the rules as you go. Today I’m launching a new weekly “column” entitled “Executive Contract Daily.” I’m not sure if anyone is going to enjoy reading it, but I’m going to give it a go. Here’s the breakdown:  As you may know, my… Read more »

Shake and the Disruptable Gaps of the Legal Industry

The disruption of the legal industry is found most prominently within the gaps. The big-shot criminal defense attorney doesn’t wake up in a cold sweat for fear his industry is collapsing at the hands of a tech start-up. Where technology makes its biggest impact on the profession is in the world of legal documents and… Read more »

Social Media and Criminal Investigations

In recent years, law enforcement professionals have become much more reliant on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus to investigate and solve crimes, with some tactics producing real results. RECENT LEXISNEXIS STUDY A recent study by legal research organization LexisNexis surveyed approximately 1,200 law enforcement professionals on their use of… Read more »

Insane? Says Who? How Expert Witnesses May Sway the “Guilty Mind” Determination

How Expert Witnesses May Sway the “Guilty Mind” Determination In a criminal proceeding, a defendant’s mindset is a focal element in establishing guilt, and expert witnesses often play an integral role in determining criminal liability.  The specific mental state required differs depending on the crime and the jurisdiction, but unless the legislature passes a law… Read more »

‘Breaking Bad – A Legal Analysis of WW”s Crimes

‘Breaking Bad’, for those of you living in a cave, follows the life of a seemingly mild-mannered, middle-aged Walter White. An almost Nobel prize winning chemist, we discover WW hidden away teaching at a high school in Albuquerque, NM. His teenage son has cerebal palsy. His wife is expecting. And as Walter approaches his 50th… Read more »

So, I built this microsite.

By Preston Clark According to Wikipedia, a Microsite is defined as… “an individual web page or a small cluster of pages which are meant to function as a discrete entity within an existing website or to complement an offline activity.”  My own definition of a microsite is a dedicated website with a handful of well-crafted… Read more »

She’s Too Sexy For Her Job

By Jonathan Segal The all-male Supreme Court of Iowa re-affirmed its holding that an employer did not engage in sexual harassment when an employee was fired by her boss because he found her sexually irresistible.  He was afraid that, if she remained employed, he would not be able to control the temptation to have a sexual relationship… Read more »