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Employee Training: When Is It Compensable Time Worked?

Training—employers require it for all sorts of reasons. In many cases, training can be a legal requirement. Take workplace harassment training, for instance. The tradeoff here is reciprocal: Employees who engage in legally-mandated training designed to help prevent harassment in the workplace are probably less likely to harass a coworker. The payoff is measured in… Read more »

6th Circuit Green Lights Telecommuting as ADA Accommodation

By Jonathan A Segal In the EEOC v. Ford Motor Company, the Sixth Circuit recently held that telecommuting could be a reasonable accommodation under the ADA for the employee at issue. Commentators have described the decision as everything from “ground breaking” to opening up the “flood gates” to telecommuting accommodation requests. I am not surprised… Read more »

“Extreme” French Proposed E-Mail Law: Already Law in U.S.

By Jonathan A. Segal A bill is being considered in France that would severely restrict use of e-mail by employees off the clock. I have read many business leaders respond with dismay.  How much can French government regulate and expect business to survive, let alone thrive? Lots come back across the pond.  That “controversial,”… Read more »

Lawyers on G+ Reaches its 5,000th Member

Well, well, well… look what we have here. The ghost town called G+ is starting to attract the legal community. Today Lawyers on G+ reached 5,000 members. Yet another awesome milestone during our short (and sweet) 16 months of existence. We’re currently the largest professional services community on G+. But more than the numbers, we’ve… Read more »

Knowing Who Receives Overtime Pay Is about to Get More Complicated

The landmines an employer navigates in scheduling and paying overtime are as many as the regulations covering it. And the outcome of a White House–ordered assessment of overtime rules found in the Fair Labor Standards Act will soon render these regulations even more demanding. President Obama has signed an executive order that “instructs the Secretary… Read more »

When Does a Worker’s Shift End?

For employers with large populations of wage and hourly staff, the question is a gray area masquerading as a black-and-white issue. Throw contract hourly laborers into the mix, and a growing set of potential missteps or pitfalls can leave employers running afoul of employment law in a short period of time. Take the example of… Read more »

Executive Contract Daily

Executive Contract Daily is a regular column that features recently published executive employment contracts from publicly traded companies and the baseline financial terms of each agreement. Douglas N. Biddle, Executive Vice President and CFO, Pacific Financial, Annual Base Salary: $175, 000 Vos International, Alex Minicucci, CEO, Annual Base Salary: $375,000 Akebia Therapeutics, Inc., John P. Butler, President and CEO,… Read more »

Technology Makes or Breaks Employers’ Ability to Comply with Employment Law

Large class-action suits and multimillion-dollar settlements connected to employment law continue to dominate the news. Many center on alleged inaccuracies in the recording of, or payment for, hours worked. Pet supplies giant PetSmart Inc., for instance, has agreed to pay a multimillion-dollar settlementaround claims that the company underpaid thousands of hourly employees. It’s a trend that… Read more »