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Guest Post: Divorce and Children – A Lesson from Hollywood

By JORDAN GERBER If you have been exposed to social media within the last few weeks, ie aren’t holed up in some Tibetan monastery or currently incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay, chances are you’ve heard about Gwynneyth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s recent decision to call it quits. Or, as they phrase it, “conscious uncoupling.” Before you dismiss… Read more »

Lawyers on G+ Reaches its 5,000th Member

Well, well, well… look what we have here. The ghost town called G+ is starting to attract the legal community. Today Lawyers on G+ reached 5,000 members. Yet another awesome milestone during our short (and sweet) 16 months of existence. We’re currently the largest professional services community on G+. But more than the numbers, we’ve… Read more »

Law in the Age of Computerized Reproduction – or why Walter Benjamin would have liked ReinventLaw NYC

By Madeline J. Rivlin Adjunct Professor Pace University School of Law, staff member ZeekBeek Listening to the presentations at Reinvent Law NYC it occurred to me that Walter Benjamin would probably have enjoyed the program – and not just because of the brilliant, enthusiastic, innovative speakers and all the talk of “disruption.” One of the… Read more »

JDSupra: Top Ten Policies Every Employee Handbook Should Have

  JDSupra– An Employee Handbook is a critical communication tool that sets forth corporate goals, policies and objectives as well as the expectations demanded of employees.  An effective Employee Handbook also ensures fair treatment for employees and, when drafted correctly, limits an employer’s exposure to liability.  In this post, we address our top ten list of… Read more »

SEO Strategies for Lawyers

By Julie Bowen SEO Strategies for Lawyers Building good search rankings used to be fairly simple, and tactics such as stuffing articles full of keywords and phrases was all it took to get the best page rankings. Website owners would post their articles on multiple different “link farm” sites to maximize the number of search engine results… Read more »

Finding a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

There are numerous individuals that have been accused for a crime but simply do not know where to turn to for assistance. In order to assure that one’s rights are protected, it is imperative to receive a qualified criminal defense lawyer. Anyone that is looking at a significant amount of penalties held against them will want… Read more »

The Bar Exam Calculator: What Are Your Chances of Passing the Bar?

By Preston Clark What if before you started down the miserable path of bar exam preparation,  you could measure the probability that you’ll pass the exam? Would you look into that crystal ball? Of course you would! And that’s why, Robert Anderson, an Associate Professor at Pepperdine University School of Law, is developing an  experimental… Read more »

She’s Too Sexy For Her Job

By Jonathan Segal The all-male Supreme Court of Iowa re-affirmed its holding that an employer did not engage in sexual harassment when an employee was fired by her boss because he found her sexually irresistible.  He was afraid that, if she remained employed, he would not be able to control the temptation to have a sexual relationship… Read more »

Pinterest and the Potential for Copyright Infringement and Threats to Brand Identity

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media sites in the world with approximately 30 million users. Nevertheless, leading trade mark attorney firm Withers & Rogers have recently warned that the popular site is becoming a forum for fakes and copyright infringement. Pinterest allows for users to set up a page, which is modelled like… Read more »

Folksonomies as Glossa on Public Domain Legal Content?

By John Barker, VP of Strategy & Competitive Intelligence, Wolters Kluwer is a contract database and search engine that enables lawyers, financial analysts and business owners to search SEC filings to find contracts that can be used as model documents.  My colleagues and I recently had the privilege of attending a webinar by LawInsider’s… Read more »