I maintain this blog as a platform to discuss the fundamental disruption of the legal services industry– where we might go from here, and how we might get there.


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“Let’s be clear. The legal profession was disrupted long before many of us got here. I’m not here to preach #disrupt. Disruption is what created this… opportunity. We may not have seen it coming while digging through case law in the law library, but it happened and it’s real. And now we’re faced with a difficult decision. Do we stick it out and make our way through the traditional legal track that’s seemingly collapsing beneath our feet? Or, do we take the incredible education that we have, and try to do something great with it?” -Young Lawyers, Go West! 


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About the Editor:

Hello! My name is Preston Clark and I am the editor of Law Insider. I maintain this blog as a vehicle to discuss the dramatic changes impacting the business of law. I was formerly assistant general counsel for the University of Miami, but transitioned into the business and legal services industry in 2010. I have worked with legal services pioneers like LegalZoom and RocketLawyer, as well as business services giants like Ceridian and Wolters Kluwer. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m the Vice President of Business Development at ThinkHR, a cloud-based HR resource center and live HR hotline. We provide compliance and workforce management support to 70,000 businesses nationwide.

Prior to my professional career, I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in El Salvador (el español, sí puedo) and a very mediocre D-II basketball player. Among other achievements, I was SBA President during law school and sat on the board of trustees for the University of Miami from 2007-2008.


This is me. My wife refers to this as my “glamor shot.”

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